zed_torrain (torrain) wrote in bpal_canada,

Bumping the destash...

Yeah, I know, horrible timing. Anyone else sighing wistfully over the Queens? (Anyone not?)

But anyway, if I can clear off five of these, then I'll have a box free, and can start storing some of my keepers properly...

* The Norn's Farmhouse - 40% - $8
* Cytherea - 60% - $10
* Marcilla - 40% - $6
* The Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork - 70% - $11
* Hand of Glory - 40% - $6
* Shrunken Heads - 1/16" below top of label - $13
* Two-Headed Goat - 70% - $11

I've also got eleven partials from Violette Market's 2008 Hallowe'en LE, the Diablo Canyon series. Everything (including the BPAL mentioned above) is here, in a neatly arranged post listing notes, prices, and providing links to reviews when I could find them. :)

Shipping's $2 within Canada, and PayPal's to torrain AT rogers DOT com.
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Hi there,

Seeing this reminded me that I've been meaning to contact you about something - it's been about two months since I sent you payment for The Blasphemare Reliquary, and the package has not shown up. I'd have checked into it sooner, but life's been kind of hectic (two seriously ill family members, plus assorted work craziness), so I hadn't been thinking about it too much.

Do you recall when it was that you sent it? Or did my PayPal payment by some chance not get to you? Don't worry, I don't think you swaplifted me or anything like that - I've ordered stuff from you before and everything was fine. I'm just worried that the post office may have lost it or something. :-/
...oh sweet maddened purple bleeding Christ on a cracker.

I just checked and found out I didn't send it. I'm *beyond* sorry. If you still want it, I'll send it out this morning from work; if not, please let me know, and I'll paypal you a more than full refund.

I am so, so, so sorry. I've never screwed up like this before.
Don't worry - it's all good! This is actually good news to me, since the alternative would be that it was lost in the mail. This way it means I can still have it! :-)

So yes, I do still want it, and please don't beat yourself up over it. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, and like I said, I'm actually very pleased to find out it's not hopelessly lost. I was hoping that it might turn out not to have been sent for some reason, but had thought that most likely it was buried in some dark corner of a post office somewhere. So really, your reply made my morning. *bounces*

Also, on a completely off-topic note, I love your icon.
Alright! Sent out yesterday, sorry I didn't tell you yesterday, it was rather swamped. You should get it by Wednesday at five p.m. at the latest, tracking number is 0317 0470 0047 6685, and tell me if it doesn't show up because the rush postage included insurance.

...yeah, I felt bad about this, and really wanted you to get it. :)

(Thanks. A friend tossed it to me. Dalek love.)
Got it just now - thanks so much!

Lots of lovely little extras, too - including Gingerbread Whorehouse!!! I had been craving that ever since I saw the description on a wander through Possets' site. Very excited about that one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Is the Dalek icon stealable?