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Progress! And an attempt to clean the desk.

Well, all the oils for my June decant circle have come in and been decanted, except Labores Solis (and the Lab says they're sending me a new bottle of that, and holy hell was there a fast response time on their customer service, I am just saying).

So! Orders that don't include Labores Solis will be going out Monday, but I still have all these imps on my desk, weeping in lonely terror and hunting for a home:
* Smoky Moon 2009 (x1)
* The Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones (x3) - WARNING: this oil separates. Like mad. All the imps have an equal amount of dark oil at the bottom, though, and wasn't that a joy to get right.
* Nonae Caprotina (x2)
* Season of the Inundation (x3)
* The Festival of Anuket (x1)
* Plastic Pink Flamingo (x3)

Imps are $3.25 US each--meaning that six of them are the same price as a GC imp pack from the Lab, a fact which amuses me madly--and shipping's $2.50 to our home and native land. Won't you adopt an imp?

I've got two slots left for Labores Solis, as well--but as I said, I'm waiting on the bottle, and any orders with LS won't go out until it comes in.

Finally, I'm clearing out my 5mls--you get a lot of them when you run decant circles. Shipping's the same, although at more than twenty imps (where a bottle counts for six imps), I have to tack on an extra $1 for shipping. The 5mls are:
* The Norn's Farmhouse - 40% - $10
* Cytherea - 60% - $12
* Marcilla - 40% - $8
* The Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork - 70% - $14
* Hand of Glory - 40% - $8
* Shrunken Heads - 1/16" below top of label - $16
* Two-Headed Goat - 70% - $14
* Day of the Skulls - testable empty. Uhm... $0.50?

The post with scent descriptions and links to the forum reviews is here, by the way, and also includes 5mls from Violette Market's 2008 Hallowe'en line, the Diablo Canyon.

Whew! Think that's everything. :) Thanks for looking!
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