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Trades Available - Ottawa, ON (Here's Hoping)

Hi, folks,

I recently got an order in the mail (YAY! It's been almost two YEARS since I ordered perfume!) and I've been having a grand old time trying them out. (And, in a number of cases, finding out that they don't work very well on me).
I got a big bottle of Blood Kiss (YAY!) as well as an order of imps.

Skuld, which I've tried before wanted a little more of (omnomnom, juicey and insencey and delicious), plus five that I hadn't tried.
Of them... March Hare is glorious and boozy and fruity and juicy and wonderful (it's on my Eventually Get a Bottle of This list).
Lady MacBeth and Lilith are candy-ish (blame the red wine in both of them). One smells like sweet tarts (which would be great for a sock hop or some similarly playful event) and one smells like grape juice and herbal medicine. Meh. I'm willing to give both of them a second chance, though.

The other two -- Sed Non Satiata and Hetairae -- didn't work so well on me. Too many flowers (which tend to either go soapy or "perfumey" (chemical yick) on me). Better, I think, for someone else.

Neither did the four freebies: Euphrosyne (perfumey blah), Ouija (which would make a gorgeous cologne, but doesn't work for me), Nyarlathotep (eugh! NOT for me. It didn't turn to cat's piss, but it wasn't pleasant), and Persephone (lightly floral and slightly buttery. Not my kind of scent, but not actually bad. Would be lovely on someone else).

What can I say. I'm a sugar-and-spice kind of gal. ;-)

Anyway. So what this basically means is that I've got a wodge of imps that are now up for grabs (plus my much-neglected trade-away box is getting kind of full). As such:

Sed Non Satiata
La Petit Mort
Mag Mell
Dragon’s Hide

These are all quite full. I'll sell them if people prefer, but I'd rather do a trade.

Stuff I want to try: Scherezade, Snake Oil, Sudha Segara, Thaleia, Lust, Bengal, Athens, Dorian, Les Bijoux, Saraglio, Voodoo, maybe Bordello.

Basically: Sugar and spice and incense (but not amber[1] as it tends to turn to baby-powder on me).
If you’ve got something you’re looking to trade away that fits with the sweet and spicy, let me know.

Stuff I’ve liked A LOT in the past: Eat Me, Hecate, Hellcat, and Velvet.

I'm also up for trading in exchange for non-BPAL stuff of a similar nature like Starborn or Villainess, if you have any you're looking to trade away.

If you're interested, let me know. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Which is not to say there’s not a slew of amber-inclusive scents I’d like to try, it's just that they tend not to work. ;-)
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