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Trades Available - Ottawa, ON (Here's Hoping)

Hi, folks,

I recently got an order in the mail (YAY! It's been almost two YEARS since I ordered perfume!) and I've been having a grand old time trying them out. (And, in a number of cases, finding out that they don't work very well on me).
I got a big bottle of Blood Kiss (YAY!) as well as an order of imps.

Skuld, which I've tried before wanted a little more of (omnomnom, juicey and insencey and delicious), plus five that I hadn't tried.
Of them... March Hare is glorious and boozy and fruity and juicy and wonderful (it's on my Eventually Get a Bottle of This list).
Lady MacBeth and Lilith are candy-ish (blame the red wine in both of them). One smells like sweet tarts (which would be great for a sock hop or some similarly playful event) and one smells like grape juice and herbal medicine. Meh. I'm willing to give both of them a second chance, though.

The other two -- Sed Non Satiata and Hetairae -- didn't work so well on me. Too many flowers (which tend to either go soapy or "perfumey" (chemical yick) on me). Better, I think, for someone else.

Neither did the four freebies: Euphrosyne (perfumey blah), Ouija (which would make a gorgeous cologne, but doesn't work for me), Nyarlathotep (eugh! NOT for me. It didn't turn to cat's piss, but it wasn't pleasant), and Persephone (lightly floral and slightly buttery. Not my kind of scent, but not actually bad. Would be lovely on someone else).

What can I say. I'm a sugar-and-spice kind of gal. ;-)

Anyway. So what this basically means is that I've got a wodge of imps that are now up for grabs (plus my much-neglected trade-away box is getting kind of full). As such:

Available for TradeCollapse )

If you're interested, let me know. :-)

- Amazon. :-)

[1] Which is not to say there’s not a slew of amber-inclusive scents I’d like to try, it's just that they tend not to work. ;-)

Huge Lot of Ebay! (Again!)

Hi guys, you might remember my GIGANTIC BPAL LOT OF DOOM on Ebay about a month ago. After receiving no payment from my high bidder (boooo!), I'm listing the whole thing again, because honestly, I'll never get to wearing all of these and there are much better things that I want (Shirts! Scent lockets! BLACK LAAAAAACE).

So here it is again, starting at $0.99 with no reserve. Please, please bid to your heart's content! I have $30,000 more in student loans to pay off! :(

Thanks for looking :D

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In the name of destashing

They were taking over. I've beaten them back. Stragglers are entrenched. Halp?

I've got a few 5ml BPALs here (as well as some 5mls and LE imps (decanted myself) from other e-tailers). Prices are down by a third, because I want these out.

Also! Please note that I will be out of town Tuesday and Wednesday! I will get back to you ASAP, and will do my best not to be deprived of internet access during those times, but it's a heads-up.
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Culling the Herd

Hey everyone!

I've decided to go through The Collection and make sure that I no longer had anything I didn't truly love. I'm selling off anything that doesn't make my heart flutter in the hopes of making this holiday season a little less painful to my bank account. Mainly LEs with a few GCs, a few bottles and some TALs.

First things first:

Shipping: I will ship anywhere, however cost depends greatly on what you get. Generally speaking, it's going to average out to about 4$ for imps. The more you get, the bigger the package, you get the idea :) I'll do my best to keep it as low as possible. I will use the address provided by paypal for shipment.

Payment: I can accept payment in USD via Paypal. I'll cover the fees :) Paypal me at maevankayt AT gmail DOT com. PLEASE remember to list what you ordered in your paypal subject or message, and what your LJ name is.

Condition: I try my best to keep all of my imps and bottles in good condition, out of the light, rolled occasionally, with as little staining as possible, however, things happen. I try to make a note of any staining as I come across them, but from time to time things get missed. If I notice it in shipping, I will be sure to make it up to you in superhappy frimps :D

Forum feedback here, ebay here.

Now, on to the sale!Collapse )

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Small decant circle.

So, I resisted most of the update, but the Lunacy and one of the Gris Grimly scents seemed potentially very nice. I'm running a decant circle for the Gris Grimlys ($3.75/imp) and the Falling Leaves Moon ($3.25/imp) over here. (Post includes links to my feedback.)

I'll be placing the order on the 6th. Discounts if you get all four GGs or all five oils.
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Small neatening.

The nights are chill, the air is sharp, and the little candy shaped like bloody bones is popping up the the local bulk store. Seems like a good time to dust off the desk and try clearing out the 5ml partials. I've got:

* The Norn's Farmhouse - 40% (American Gods) - $10 PENDING
* Cytherea - 60% (Carnaval Diabolique IV) - $12
* Marcilla - 40% (Carnaval Diabolique IV) - $8 Sold
* The Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork - 70% (Carnaval Diabolique V) - $14 Sold
* Hand of Glory - 40% (Carnaval Diabolique V) - $8
* Shrunken Heads - 1/16" below top of label (Carnaval Diabolique V) - $16
* Two-Headed Goat - 70% (Carnaval Diabolique V) - $14
* Day of the Skulls - testable empty (Halloweenie 2008) - Uhm... $0.50? PENDING
* Mead Moon - full, tested twice (Lunacy) - $20 Sold
* Hay Moon - full, tested twice (Lunacy) - $20
* Wood Phoenix - full, tested twice (2008 Anniversary) - $23
* Season of the Inundation - %18 (Iteru) - $4 PENDING
* Lawn Gnome - %13 (Summer Garden Miniseries) - $3 Sold
* Plastic Pink Flamingo - 18% (Summer Garden Miniseries) - $4 Sold
* Spinning Metallic Multicoloured Pinwheel - %18 (Summer Garden Miniseries) - $4 PENDING

The post with scent descriptions and links to the forum reviews is here, by the way, and also includes partials from Violette Market's 2008 Hallowe'en line, the Diablo Canyon. My feedback is here, and pics of any or all of these are available upon request.

Whew! Think that's everything. :) Thanks for looking!
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Progress! And an attempt to clean the desk.

Well, all the oils for my June decant circle have come in and been decanted, except Labores Solis (and the Lab says they're sending me a new bottle of that, and holy hell was there a fast response time on their customer service, I am just saying).

So! Orders that don't include Labores Solis will be going out Monday, but I still have all these imps on my desk, weeping in lonely terror and hunting for a home:
* Smoky Moon 2009 (x1)
* The Feast for the Greatly Revered Ones (x3) - WARNING: this oil separates. Like mad. All the imps have an equal amount of dark oil at the bottom, though, and wasn't that a joy to get right.
* Nonae Caprotina (x2)
* Season of the Inundation (x3)
* The Festival of Anuket (x1)
* Plastic Pink Flamingo (x3)

Imps are $3.25 US each--meaning that six of them are the same price as a GC imp pack from the Lab, a fact which amuses me madly--and shipping's $2.50 to our home and native land. Won't you adopt an imp?

I've got two slots left for Labores Solis, as well--but as I said, I'm waiting on the bottle, and any orders with LS won't go out until it comes in.

Finally, I'm clearing out my 5mls--you get a lot of them when you run decant circles. Shipping's the same, although at more than twenty imps (where a bottle counts for six imps), I have to tack on an extra $1 for shipping. The 5mls are:
* The Norn's Farmhouse - 40% - $10
* Cytherea - 60% - $12
* Marcilla - 40% - $8
* The Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork - 70% - $14
* Hand of Glory - 40% - $8
* Shrunken Heads - 1/16" below top of label - $16
* Two-Headed Goat - 70% - $14
* Day of the Skulls - testable empty. Uhm... $0.50?

The post with scent descriptions and links to the forum reviews is here, by the way, and also includes 5mls from Violette Market's 2008 Hallowe'en line, the Diablo Canyon.

Whew! Think that's everything. :) Thanks for looking!
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Abney Park veen

Ah yes, the decants.

Yep, it's yet another update decant circle. :)
  • $3.25 an imp ($27 if for some reason you want all nine);
  • shipping $2.50 within Canada;
  • no PayPal fees;
  • and yes I will happily tack on other items.
Details (including a link to feedback) here.
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Bumping the destash...

Yeah, I know, horrible timing. Anyone else sighing wistfully over the Queens? (Anyone not?)

But anyway, if I can clear off five of these, then I'll have a box free, and can start storing some of my keepers properly...

* The Norn's Farmhouse - 40% - $8
* Cytherea - 60% - $10
* Marcilla - 40% - $6
* The Grand Inquisitor's Heretic's Fork - 70% - $11
* Hand of Glory - 40% - $6
* Shrunken Heads - 1/16" below top of label - $13
* Two-Headed Goat - 70% - $11

I've also got eleven partials from Violette Market's 2008 Hallowe'en LE, the Diablo Canyon series. Everything (including the BPAL mentioned above) is here, in a neatly arranged post listing notes, prices, and providing links to reviews when I could find them. :)

Shipping's $2 within Canada, and PayPal's to torrain AT rogers DOT com.
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Maintenance post

Hello lovelies!

Our email address has been inactive for some time now, and to prevent any ridiculous takeover (I'm sure you guys have seen it in other, more active communities) I've changed it. If you need to contact me for any reason, go ahead and use ophelia is dead at livejournal dot com.

Happy sniffings!
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