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Culling the Herd

Hey everyone!

I've decided to go through The Collection and make sure that I no longer had anything I didn't truly love. I'm selling off anything that doesn't make my heart flutter in the hopes of making this holiday season a little less painful to my bank account. Mainly LEs with a few GCs, a few bottles and some TALs.

First things first:

Shipping: I will ship anywhere, however cost depends greatly on what you get. Generally speaking, it's going to average out to about 4$ for imps. The more you get, the bigger the package, you get the idea :) I'll do my best to keep it as low as possible. I will use the address provided by paypal for shipment.

Payment: I can accept payment in USD via Paypal. I'll cover the fees :) Paypal me at maevankayt AT gmail DOT com. PLEASE remember to list what you ordered in your paypal subject or message, and what your LJ name is.

Condition: I try my best to keep all of my imps and bottles in good condition, out of the light, rolled occasionally, with as little staining as possible, however, things happen. I try to make a note of any staining as I come across them, but from time to time things get missed. If I notice it in shipping, I will be sure to make it up to you in superhappy frimps :D

Forum feedback here, ebay here.

5ml (Price listed)
.Mandrake - 15.00
.Gingerbread Poppet 2005 - 18.50 on hold for piwacket
.Death of Autumn 2007 - 18.50
.Mme. Moriarty - 18.00
.Scherezade - 15.00

.Snow Glass Apples
.Buggre Alle This Bible (staining on label)
.Velvet Dogs Playing Poker
.Velvet Tiger

LE IMPS (4.00 each)
.Glasya, Ressurected
.Tiki Queen
.Ragoon Riptide
.Upa Upa (dirty label)
.Luperci 2008
.Passionate Shepard to his Love (staining on label)
.The Clod and the Pebble (staining on label)
.Parlement of Foules 2008
.Enraged Groundhog Musk 2008
.October 2007 (stained label)
.Archangel Winter 2007
.Lune Noire (staining on label)
.Schwazer Mond
.Leipreachan on hold.
.Hexannacht 2008 (staining on label)
.The Ides of March 2009
.Saw-Scaled Viper
.Habu Carnaval Diabolique (staining on label)
.Australian Copperhead
.Banded Sea Snake.
.King Cobra
.The Blood Garden
.Shrunken Heads (staining on label)
.The Blockhead
.Parliament of Monsters
.The Grindhouse

LUNACIES, GIFTS, ETC...Imps (3.50)
.Dragon Moon 2008
.Planting Moon 2008
.Screaming Mandragora

GEs (3.00)
.Strangler Fig
.Cobra Lily
.White Rabbit
.Love Lies Bleeding
.Horreur Sympathique
.Bon Vivant
.Le Serpent
.Endymion (staining on label)
.The Raven (staining on label)

TALs (4.50)
.Temple of the Trickster
.Temple: Elemental
.Venus (oil staining on label)
.Bildungsroman on hold for chelsearoad
.Initiation on hold for chelsearoad
.Meditation on hold for chelsearoad

-Cyntherea. Bad oil staining on label 2.00

Empties/Sniffies - ALL FREE
-5ml bottle of Dionysia, empty
-5ml bottle of The Illustrated Woman, empty
-5ml bottle Boomslang, empty

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